Wednesday, April 1

Importance of Pest Control in Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural Area

Pest control is important all over the world as it is an effective method of ensuring that a property, either domestic or commercial, is free from dangerous pests that can cause a host of health troubles and costly property damages as well. You will be surprised to know that rodents consume more than 20 percent of the global food supply, and they also carry infectious insects like ticks, mites, fleas, etc. with them. So it is very important to control rodents to prevent spreading of these pests within an area. Also these pests are carriers of numerous ailments and infections, which can be transmitted to pets and family members. You must choose an agency which offers services of pest control in Gold Coast, which is not just about wiping out the fleas, ants, spiders and roaches, but an effective system that proffers food safety, healthy living and maintenance of clean environment.

The need for eradicating rodents and mice

Irrespective of whether you run a business or are a normal house owner or work in a farming field, controlling the growth of pests is considered an important aspect. It is because harmful pests seek shelter anywhere that can provide for food. Insects, rodents, squirrels, pigeons and even raccoons can be found anywhere with ample food and water supplies.

Advances in technology for controlling pests have been directly linked with the rise in standards of living. It is a rampant misconception that pest control in Gold Coast implies to eradicate them, but the proliferation of rodents is another significant function of pest control. Rat bites are also the primary cause for numerous fatally dangerous ailments like trichinosis, salmonella and rat bite fever. About 10 in 1000 persons are bitten by rodents every year.

Rodents have very sharp teeth, and so they can chew almost anything, the most dangerous of which is chewing of electrical wires. While the rat may not be harmed in any way, your property may become susceptible to short circuits and fire breakouts. Also since the teeth of rats and mice are constantly developing, they can chew aluminum wires, plastic and PVC pipes that may cause leakage in various parts of your home or office.

Other insects that can create havoc in the property

Quite contrary to the popular belief, termites do not only consume timber, they can devour carpet and paper. They are not visible through the naked eye, but are noticeable as property damage increases. Termites use commonly found materials like plastic items or rubbers for building their nests and procreating. Unless they are wiped out with pest control in Gold Coast, they can cause significant damage to the property.

If pests are not controlled, it can also lead to diminished food supply and a hike in price of food crops. Supplies of vegetables and fruits may become endangered leading to a sharp increase in pricing. And when this effect reaches fibre crops like cotton, it may deliver a devastating blow to the clothing market. To eliminate all these possibilities, it is important to control pests and ensure that any food is not contaminated, and the property is kept damage free.