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Factors that Affect Carpet Cleaning Frequency

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The need to clean your carpet regularly is well-known. There are several potential health risks associated with carpets that are not properly cleaned, such as allergic reactions or other respiratory health concerns. If you want to protect your family from these health risks, you need to call a carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets on a regular basis. This can also help to prolong the lifespan of your carpets, which is not an inexpensive investment. carpet cleaning company Regular cleaning with the help of a professional carpet cleaning company is a well-known fact. However, the bigger question is this: how often should you clean your carpet? To help you determine the right answer to that (yes, there is no definitive answer and it varies accordingly), you need to take a few factors into account. If You Have Kids Parents do their best to protect their children from any harm or health risks. If you are one, you must be aware that cleaning your carpet is one of the most basic steps to consider with house cleaning. Dust, allergens and other substances could accumulate on your carpet over a certain period of time. You do your best to protect your child from any hazardous substances when they are playing outside. But oftentimes, it is what is inside your home that poses a risk to their health (and in most cases, without your knowledge). This serves as a reminder that dirty carpets could cause allergies and other respiratory problems on your child. Hence, experts recommend having your carpet cleaned by a professional at least once every six months, but no longer than once a year. Even when you do not see any signs of dirt, you need to have it cleaned as per schedule. If You Have Pets Pet owners should never slack off when it comes to cleaning carpets at home. Dogs, specifically, tend to bring a lot of dirt, residues and other substances that can collect on your carpet over time. Thus, make it a habit of vacuuming your carpet once every two weeks. But you should not be content with vacuuming alone; you still need a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your carpet thoroughly. If you have pets at home, you need to clean your carpet more frequently – about once every three to six months. But if you find that that is too much for your budget, at least have it cleaned twice annually. If You Have a Carpet Warranty When you recently installed your carpet, it is important to check your warranty specifications before you hire a carpet cleaner. Each manufacturer has different specifications about how to clean your carpets as some methods can cause damage to the materials. It is important to read the instructions carefully so you would know what methods are prohibited unless you would want to risk losing your warranty. When you hire a professional carpet cleaner, though, they are knowledgeable when it comes to the cleaning process required for a specific type of carpet. Hence, it would be a safe bet to work with a professional to maintain your carpet and still ensure you are honored with a warranty (if you need to use it). More details at