Why Air Duct Cleaning is a Must Before Winter

Winter presents several challenges for maintaining the integrity of your house’s structure. At the same time, you also want to address specific issues with regards to air quality within your home when you use indoor heating systems. For this reason, you need to get air duct cleaning done in your home when you want to keep bacteria, fungus, and other contaminants off your home during winter. With harsh winter conditions in Portland, you have to find a reliable cleaning service that will make sure your air ducts are well maintained.
air duct cleaning
If you do not think that hiring indoor air quality experts to inspect and clean your home is essential for winter, think again. Here are a few reasons that make it an absolute must:
Improve Indoor Air Quality
As mentioned above, getting a professional air duct cleaning service to maintain your home is essential before you head into winter. Most homes install some type of insulation system to regulate indoor temperature in the winter. However, not all homes are installed with an air exchanger system. This poses a huge problem in terms of indoor air quality. The air simply re-circulates within your home and this can make your air ducts a breeding ground for bacteria, dirt, debris and dust. This can instigate allergic reactions or result to respiratory problems for your family.
A professional cleaning service can help get rid of dust, debris and allergens that can clog up your air ducts at home. Hence, you can maintain fresh and healthy air within your home and avoid the risks to your family’s health.
Lower Energy Consumption
When you regularly clean your air ducts, you will dramatically reduce the amount of energy consumed by the furnace to generate enough heat indoors. When the air ducts are filled with dust or contaminants, the furnace has to produce double the amount of heat in order to regulate indoor temperature. Avoid the added strain on your furnace blower by making sure your air ducts are cleaned thoroughly. Experienced IAQ consultants can have a look at the problem and recommend the necessary steps to address the problem.
Fire Prevention
You take a lot of effort and time in fire-proofing your home. However, what many homeowners do not know is that lint is highly flammable. Therefore, you need to regularly clean your air ducts and dryer vent to prevent lint from accumulating over time. If not, this can turn into a potential fire hazard within your home.
Protect Your Family’s Health
In relation with the pointer above about improving indoor air quality, the primary reason why cleaning your air ducts should be made a priority concern for your family’s health. Continued exposure to dirt, debris or bacteria-filled air can be hazardous to their health in the long run.
With winter arriving soon in Portland, you need to plan ahead of time to keep your family safe within your own home. Willard Power Vac is a reputable air duct cleaning service in Portland, Oregon. You can visit website or call 503-446-4182 to get your home inspected or get a quotation. You can find their website at http://willardductcleaning.com/air-duct-cleaning/.

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