Farming Concrete

Started by gardeners in 2009, Farming Concrete is an open, community-based research project to measure how much food is grown in community gardens and urban farms. Farming Concrete is fiscally sponsored by the New York City Community Garden Coalition.

Between 2009-2012, Farming Concrete provided approximately 200 free scales, record keeping materials, training, and customized reports to New York City gardeners, who recorded harvests through their online platform. Farming Concrete’s 2012 Harvest Report revealed the yield of more than 195 crop varieties from the data of 106 gardeners across the city.

Farming Concrete is now dedicated to expanding its support to gardeners and farmers across the world by using more comprehensive data collection tools available on this website.

4 Upkeep Ideas for Fast Roller Doors

Ever since industrial doors were first presented to Brisbane’s industries and businesses, they have actually impressed everyone with their functional efficiency, revolutionizing the way of living. No matter where doors like fast roller doors and a dynamicroller clean room door have been installed in garages or houses or any commercial properties, they revolutionized productivity and the way of working.

With the change of time, these industrial and commercial doors too, have gone through different modifications in both their method of working and look. Now, besides the dynamicroll clean room door, quick roller doors that are getting popular in the different industrial sectors, grocery store market being among them.

Despite that, setting up such doors cannot serve the purpose of providing your property with the needed security if they do not last long.

Here are few reliable upkeep pointers that can assist you to get the maximum out of Brisbane roller doors:

Secure the Outer Shield of the Door

Whether you utilize these high-speed rolling doors in your shop or commercial facility or as cold room doors, you must be careful about keeping their external guard as undamaged or untampered as possible.

Scratches on the surface area of the door panels can not only damage their outer appearance but can also obstruct their performance based on the severity of the scratch or cracked off portion.

You need to make sure that no such objects are kept near these doors in your work environment that can cause disruption in their performance or damage the external guard.

Establish an Upkeep Regimen

Like other doors such as a dynamicroll clean room door, roller shutters, tilt doors, and panel lift doors, the numerous rapid roller doors need upkeep. Though the upkeep requirements are lower than the others, you need to clean them or maintain their parts regularly.

You must develop a routine examination so that you can easily identify any minor imperfections or breakdown, if there’s any, and can avoid your roller doors from getting seriously damaged.

Don’t Disregard Indications of Wear and Tear

A small damage can trigger a larger problem, if not taken care of at the earliest. This is due to the fact that roll up doors just stop quickly without offering earlier signs of damages. In case you discover any indications of tear or wear on your roller door, no matter what material or type of it is, make sure that you don’t disregard them.

Let an Expert Take a Look at It

After having routine upkeep check, it is essential that you have your roller doors inspected by proficient specialists from time to time. Whether they are clean room doors or other sorts of roller doors, having experts, who are trained to install and preserve such doors have a look at them can assist you to prevent the needs for repair work while prolonging the life of the doors and keeping the safety and security of your office uncompromised.


Rapid roller doors are mainly popular for their rapid or super-fast motion, uptime, easy-to-clean functions, and energy effectiveness. Setting up such doors can make sure maximum security and easy use of outdoors and indoors in a workplace for a much longer time if you can follow the above-mentioned upkeep pointers carefully.

To know more about these versatile and high-speed roller doors you can refer to websites like Hold Fast Industries that offer important details and prices of a dynamicroll clean room door and different types of commercial doors Brisbane businesses need.

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How Can Asphalt Driveways Be Prepared?

If you ever need to get asphalt driveways planted around your property then you need to be aware of a few points to ensure that whatever you hold is as easy to handle as possible. You must make sure that your driveway is not only going to look great and be fully functional but also ensure that whatever you hold will not be all that hard to use at a given time.

Asphalt Driveways
Asphalt Driveways

The thing about asphalt Melbourne services is that asphalt is a material that is a whole lot more commonplace than what you might expect. However, it is also something that has to be applied perfectly. While it can be easily fixed in the event that it is not laid out properly the first time around, it still helps to ensure you’ve got it going right the first time around so you can avoid the problems that come with an uneven or difficult surface.

Borders May Be Established

Asphalt driveways can be designed based on the particular borders that are to be included. These borders can entail different parameters around other hard surfaces but in most cases they may be set up around different outside spaces.

Borders have to be created when getting asphalt or concrete drivewaysMelbourne ready as a means of creating the best possible layout. This must be done right the first time around to make for a setup that is convenient and easy to use.

What About Inclines?

Inclines, declines and other spots where the elevation might change around the driveway can be important to see. Sometimes a base has to be prepared to where the surface will be as easy to smooth out as possible but in other cases you may not need to worry about it too much if the surface is flat. Either way, a driveway can be planned around the inclines or other changes that it will work with so you’ll know that it will not be all that hard for you to use anything.

Where Are the Markings?

Markings can be added to create lanes or other surfaces around the driveway. Lanes may also be used to designate the borders that will be in a spot. You should prepare your markings with care so you will know more about whatever you are trying to prepare at your property where your setup will be installed at.

Make Sure An Estimate Works

The asphalt driveways Melbourne cost that you’d have to spend to get your driveway ready will vary based on where you go and who you contact for help. You may want to get an estimate on your service based on the overall size of the space that you are working with and if you have lots of surface to cover. The cost can be larger depending on the size, complexity and character of the project.

If you need to get asphalt driveways for any surface in the Melbourne area then you should contact Nelson Asphalting for help. You can contact Nelson at 0412 167 649 to get assistance with preparing a new asphalt surface around any property in the city.

For more inquiries, just visit!

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Popular Materials Used in Building Retaining Walls

Many Melbourne homeowners build retaining walls to serve a host of practical functions in their premises.  In some cases, the retaining walls Melbourne has may also be constructed to serve aesthetic purpose and help beautify the outdoors. No matter your aims of building your Melbourne retaining walls, one of the main decisions that you will have to make is the choice of materials to use. You can decide to use timber, stone, concrete, brick, wall blocks and even limestone. Here is a look at some of these materials used in the retaining walls Melbourne has:

retaining walls Melbourne
retaining walls Melbourne


Timber is one of the most common materials used in building retaining walls in Melbourne. It offers homeowners lots of advantages and generally looks good in a garden setting. The kind of timber used in making the retaining walls can be from pine or even hardwood sleepers.  When hiring a contractor for your retaining walls, make sure you choose one that can offer you credible professional advice on the best timber to use. Depending on the height of the retaining walls, certain timber retaining walls construction projects may require council approvals.


This is a common material used in making retaining walls in Melbourne. It can add a cool effect on your premises when it is professionally installed. It generally looks good and is cool to touch. For the best installations, however, it is advisable to choose a qualified and professional retaining wall installation expert specializing in limestone paving.

Natural stone

This is another classic material that is used in numerous retaining walls. The main quality of this is that it will never go out of style and will retain its cool touch for many more years to come. When installed professionally, they can last for a very long duration of time.


Good quality bricks can also make for cool and classic-looking retaining walls Melbourne has. If it is a nice-looking brick, it can be left in its natural state. Alternatively, it can also be rendered in order to give it a more modern touch.

If you are looking for exquisite finishes with your brick retaining walls, it is best to choose an expert and professional bricklayer for the job. The retaining walls should be built expertly but also built with proper drainage in order for it to withstand the soil pressure and stay firm for a longer duration of time.

Retaining wall blocks

This is another option for retaining walls Melbourne has today. They are a fairly new technique for retaining walls construction that is fast growing in popularity. They can be built using moulds and can be made to look like natural stones. The blocks are generally manufactured in such a way that they will interlock. They come with plenty of accessories that will help you build the most beautiful and sturdy retaining walls.  You can also choose from a great variety of styles as well as colours that can suit your taste as well as preferences.

If you are looking for a suitable retaining walls installer in Melbourne, check out

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